Shuffle Demons - Bop Rap - Our second album

BOP RAP: 1988

The most humour packed of all the Demons' albums, Bop Rap also provides the most variety of music styles. It contains a T.V. theme, a true story told in rap, a drinking song, Indian sounding music, Reggae, Christmas Music, a Thelonius Monk tune, and some classic Demon heads.

Recorded in 1988, this album featured the debut of the new Shuffle Demons wardrobe (by Kurt Swinghammer) and spawned the 'Personal Blues' video. 'East Berlin Angst' is a classic cold war rap, 12 Beer my Dear is everybody's favourite drinking song, and Oliagosi is just plain weird. Also contains the world famous Hockey Night in Canada Theme.

© 1988 Shuffle Demon Productions
Recorded at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton, Ontario - August 1987
Produced by Bob Doidge & Barry Elmes

Cover: Photo - Eden Robbins, Suits - Kurt Swinghammer

Demon Richard Underhill - alto and baritone saxes, rheta, vocals
Demon Mike Murley - tenor and soprano saxes, vocals
Demon Dave Parker - tenor sax, fiddle, waltzing, vocals
Demon Jim Vivian - bass, vocals
Demon Stich Wynston - drums, percussion, vocals, language conceptualization

# Title Length Info
1. Hockey Night in Canada Theme 3:04 Delores Claman
2. Personal Blues 5:41 Richard Underhill
3. East Berlin Angst 5:24 Mike Murley / Richard Underhill
4. I Mean You 4:13 Thelonius Monk
5. 12 Beer My Dear 5:09 David Parker
6. Demon Reggae 5:19 Stich Wynston
7. Cruise Blues 5:13 Richard Underhill
8. Oliagosi 6:46 Stich Wynston
9. The Curse 4:14 Mike Murley
10. Low Life 0:43 Shuffle Demons
11. Funkin Punkin 2:53 R. Underhill / D. Parker
12. Father Hipness 4:20 R. Underhill / D. Parker
12. Jingle Bells 3:30 P.D. Arranged by R. Underhill