Shuffle Demons - Extra Crispy



The 'smell the glove' album for the Demons, this collection of tunes came near the end of the classic band formation when things had pretty much run their course and the band was getting kind of dark. From the bacon butt album cover to the 'band that wouldn't leave', this album was almost a parody of the original demons. Still, there are some great tunes on the album, some of which are on the Greatest Hits CD.

© Shuffle Demon Productions 1993
Recorded in Toronto at Reaction Studio Oct 24-18, Nov 21 and 22, 1992
Produced and recorded by Danny Greenspoon

Cover: Photo - Astrid Hermes, Art & Design - Celine Cassar, Richard Underhill

Demon Richard Underhill - alto sax, bari sax, bass sax, lead vocals, background vocals
Demon Dave Parker - tenor sax, lead vocals (3), background vocals
Demon Perry White - tenor sax, bari sax, background vocals
Demon George Koller - acoustic bass, lead vocals (8), background vocals
Demon Stich Wynston - drums, lead vocals (10), background vocals
Arlene Duncan-Koller - guest vocalist: Reggae Man

# Title Length Info
1. The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald 4:29 Gordon Lightfoot
Moose Music Ltd.
2. Dirty Money 3:41 Richard Underhill / Mary MacDonald
Wild Moose Publishing
3. Deli Tray 3:55 David Parker / George Koller
Roach House Music
4. The Band That Wouldn't Leave 4:28 Underhill / Koller / Wynston / White
Wild Moose Publishing
5. Shuffle Groove 3:01 Underhill / Koller / Wynston / White
Wild Moose Publishing
6. Party Down 4:13 Richard Underhill / Keith S. Munslow
Wild Moose Publishing
7. Hawaii 5-O 2:49 Morton Stevens
EMI April Music
8. Stop the Rot 5:15 George Koller / Richard Underhill
Small Wood, Big Fire Publishing
9. Perry's Groove 4:08 Perry White / RIchard Underhill
10. Reggae Man 5:07 Stich Wynston
Stichness Music
11. The Funkin' Pumpkin 3:07 Richard Underhill / David Parker
Wild Moose Publishing
12. Le Soleil de Lyon 10:07 George Koller
Small Wood, Big Fire Publishing
13. To Toad Too 5:38 Richard Underhill
Wild Moose Publishing
14. Never Be the Same (Big Miller Blues) 9:38 George Koller
Small Wood, Big Fire Publishing