Shuffle Demons - What Do You Want? - Live and Studio tracks


A blend of live and studio tracks at the height of Demon popularity. The first track starts out soft building into some amazing improv and the music doesn't stop until the closing notes of the crazy title track fade as the Demons leave the stage. This was a transition period for the band, so on the studio tracks, Perry White replaces Mike Murley.

© 1990 Shuffle Demon Productions
Recorded Live at the Clinton in Toronto, Ontario, November 17-19 1988
& at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton, Ontario - May, June 1989
Produced by John Olivera & The Shuffle Demons

Cover Art & Design - Kurt Swinghammer

Demon Richard Underhill - alto & baritone sax, vocals
Demon Dave Parker - tenor sax, vocals
Demon Mike Murley - tenor sax & vocals (on live tracks)
Demon Perry White - tenor & baritone sax, vocals (on studio tracks)
Demon Jim Vivian - bass, vocals
Demon Stich Wynston - drums & percussion, vocals

# Title Length Info
1. Mr. Suso 10:08 Richard Underhill
Wild Moose Publishing
2. Blue Mustard 5:21 Barry Elmes / R. Underhill - lyrics
Galt Rythm Machine Music
3. Don't Stop the Carnival * 6:03 Sonny Rollins
Son Rol Music Company
4. Pavin' My Road 4:12 David Parker
Roach House Music
5. Well You Needn't 8:03 Thelonius Monk / Teddy McRae
Regent Music Corp.
6. Yukon Girl 2:24 David Parker / M. Murley / R. Underhill
Roach House Music
7. Sometimes You Feel Like That 10:17 Mike Murley
Squirvel Music
8. Cheese on Bread * 3:59 Underhill / Wynston / Parker / Bateman
Wild Moose Publishing
9. Blues for You * 7:35 Stich Wynston
Stichness Music
10. Musin' 1:10 Murley / Parker / Underhill
Wild Moose Publishing
11. Uba Tuba * 5:32 Richard Underhill
Wild Moose Publishing
12. What Do You Want 9:50 Stich Wynston
Stichness Music
* Studio Tracks