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Hi all! The Shuffle Demons have recorded a new album and we will be releasing it to help celebrate our 40th anniversary as a band in 2024!

We have a world tour planned, videos in production and more so stay tuned!!


The Shuffle Demons have released our 10th album, 'All In.'

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'All In' is the exciting new all-instrumental album from Canada's iconic Shuffle Demons. Featuring compositions by four of five band members, the music ranges from brilliantly composed contemporary jazz to groovy funk jazz reminiscent of the JB Horns or Average White Band, all played with the inimitable Shuffle Demons style and unique sound. With standout solos and dynamic group playing, this album adds a new instrumental-only twist to the Shuffle Demons repertoire and is one of our finest albums to date. See all our albums and merch here: 

'All In' was just reviewed by the Winnipeg Free Press "The compositions swing like mad, the ensemble playing is incredibly tight and the solos are as good as it gets. The harmonies in every melody show clean writing and wonderful musicianship by all members. The overall effect is a joyous, in-your-face journey that simply feels good. The fun these guys are having is tangible. The music needs no intense analysis; just lighten up and enjoy the ride." Keith Black 

'All In' follows up on the success of our 'Crazy Time' album which spawned 2 well loved videos. 'Crazy Time' takes a sardonic look at the fake news culture of the day and the brand new. 'Have a Good One' features a wonderful collaboration with choreographer Jennifer Robichaud and her modern dance crew.  

Our 2nd studio album in 3 years, 'All In' celebrates the Shuffle Demons 37th anniversary with 10 new songs all instrumental songs and a great line up featuring Stich Wynston - drums, Kelly Jefferson - tenor sax, Richard Underhill - alto and bari sax,  Matt Lagan - tenor sax and Mike Downes - bass. 

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The Shuffle Demons leaped onto the scene in 1984 with an electrifying musical fusion that drew from Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. This genre bending, visually entertaining, virtuosic jazz funk group have 10 CDs, 4 hit videos, several music awards, toured 25 times in Canada, 5 in the US, 17 in Europe, Caribbean, Central and South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand  

The Shuffle Demons are excited to release their 10th album, "All In." The album includes 10 original all instrumental Shuffle Demons songs written by 4 of the 5 band members. The album is the first full album with new and virtuosic Shuffle Demons Matt Lagan on tenor sax and Mike Downes on bass as well as demons regulars Kelly Jefferson on sax, Stich Wynston on drums and Richard Underhill on sax. This is a dynamic new album that features in from the outside writing, virtuosic playing and the classic and unique Shuffle Demons sound.  

The Shuffle Demons are a high-energy Canadian band that blends virtuosic jazz and funk playing with eye-catching costumes and over the top stage antics to produce an incredible show. A hit at festivals all over the world, the Shuffle Demons are a crowd pleasing, full-on musical group that backs up wild stage antics with phenomenal playing by some of Canada's most talented musicians.  

The Shuffle Demons first broke onto the Canadian music scene in 1984 with an electrifying musical fusion that drew in equal measure from Sun Ra, Charles Mingus, Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. This band is genre bending, highly visually entertaining, funny, and best of all, can really PLAY. All their eye catching, crowd-pleasing stunts are backed up by incredibly solid musicianship and real groundbreaking playing.  

The band has toured extensively in Europe and around the world and has played at the Molde, Oslo, Stockholm, Lund, Pori, Birmingham, London, Edinbourgh, Montreal and North Sea Jazz festivals, Jazz a Vienne, Outside In Jazz Festival, the Yokohama Jazz Promenade (Japan's biggest Jazz Fest), on the Barenaked Ladies Ships and Dip Cruise, at the Bangkok International Festival of Music and Dance, at the Taranaki Arts Fest and the Dubbo Jazz Fest in New Zealand and Australia, the Jarasum Jazz Festival in South Korea, the Zacatecas Cultural Festival in Mexico, the Beijing Jazz Festival, in India, the USA, Cuba and all across Canada.  

Over the course of their illustrious career The Shuffle Demons have released 10 CDs, 4 hit videos, won several music awards, done numerous tv and radio appearances and toured nationally and internationally including 25 cross Canada tours, 5 US tours, 16 European tours, as well as tours of Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, India, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Aruba and Cuba playing on big festival stages, theatres and clubs.  

The band continues the tradition today with a great line-up of players that includes Juno Award winner Richard Underhill -sax & vox, Matt Lagan and Kelly Jefferson - saxes, Mike Downes - bass and Stich Wynston - drums. Expect the same exciting, no holds barred performances that feature wild romps in the crowd, free jazz moments, danceable funk, poetry, killer solos and more.  


Our new 'Have a Good One' video is live!


Our New FACTOR funded video for 'Crazy Time' is live here!